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Hiring Is A Pain.
Let Us Do The Hard Work.

Leverage our decade of FedEx driver recruiting experience

We Handle All The Recruiting Pain Points For FedEx Contractors


We will manage all aspects of driver outreach including: job channel selection, creating the job description, analyzing market compensation. 


Our team reviews all resumes and screens for the best candidates. We then schedule and complete initial interviews to determine eligibility and fit.


After candidates pass our initial screen, we usher them through the entire application process including background check, drug test and DOT phyiscals. 


Only when a candidate is fully approved, will we then schedule the candidate interview with you. It is then your choice whether to hire that candidate. No more wasting precious time on candidates who are not qualified.

How It Works

Step 1. Intro Call

Meet with your Recruiting Consultant to identity your recruiting pain points and to see if there is a fit. If yes, we will send an agreement to sign. 

Step 2. Onboarding

Once agreement is signed, we will start the process of becoming your in-house recruiting firm. We will work with you on a recruiting strategy, set up accounts with various recruiting channels and add us to your First Advantage account.

Step 3. Go Live

After the onboarding process is complete, we will go live and begin actively recruiting drivers for your operation.

Step 4. Screen

We filter and then contact all viable driver candidates based on both FedEx and your own requirements.

Step 5. Process

Once candidates are initially screened ensuring minimum requirements are met, we interview and process candidates through First Advantage.

Step 6. Introduce

After a candidate passes background, drug test and DOT physical, we then schedule candidate to meet with you at the terminal. 

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1040 S Gaylord St,

Suite 80

Denver, CO 80209


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